Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Butizaon   :   Anybody interested in my old sofa?

There was no positive reaction when I asked my Nephew except his wife where she would asked her school administrative officer if they want it as they don't have any.

My old sofa set ( 1, four-seater and 4 one-seater) which was made from rattan has a very sentimental value to me as I bought it when I just started working. It was my auntie who organised a monthly collection to buy the sofa and all the members took turn every month to get the sofa. It was a year before all of us to get our sofa. It was really cheap during that time as the price of the rattan sofa was only four hundred ringgits. I really took care of the sofa and during the time of using it, I repaint it with varnish few times after washing and cleaning it with sand paper. I never change the cushion as it is still very good and changed its covers numerous time. After cleaning and repainting it, it looked as new like I just bought it.

It was after few days that my nephew's wife called me that they want the sofa and arrange a date and time to pick it. It was the time that I went for a window shopping as there are two furniture shop nearby my house and one at the Megalong shopping complex. In the two furniture shop that I went I couldn't find a suitable sofa as all the sofa available there could occupy a very big space. There were the sofa sets which I though was good for European market as its leaning back was too long for us Asian. If you have a long legs then it would be no problem as you can sit back and relax. It is good for sleeping though as its sitting space is as big as single bed.

I took my time to look for a sofa set as I still had the four-seated rattan as they would come for the next trip to pick it up. I would not buy until all the old sofa has been taken as it will jammed up all the space of the guest room. The problem with window shopping was that you tend to look at other things too and that was what happened to me.

Butizaon   :   Is that a flat TV screen cabinet?

 Salesman   :   Yes, we have two types.

Butizaon   : I am interested in this one. How much is the price?

Salesman   :  The price is RM388.00.

Butizaon   :   Any discount for this?

Salesman   :   RM350.00, it is the last price offer.

Butizaon   :   How much if I pick it up myself, no need for you to send.

Salesman  :   RM330.00.

Butizaon   :   Okay get me a new one.

It was my niece who brought me to Megalong for a stroll and she reminded me of the furniture shop at 1st floor of the building. There were a number of good sofas that interest me but it wasn't cheap as a couch of sofa which could be converted as a bed also almost priced at RM900.00. I was complicating of buying 1 three-seater and 1 two-seater but it almost costs RM1500.00. I discarded my interest of buying it and my niece just frown of my indecisive decision. I told her that it was expensive and I would be happy to select a very simple but elegant sofa and cheap which does not crammed my space.

I am really selective in buying a sofa as I made a mistake of buying a set of sofa made from PVC material and had chosen a light colored. It wasn't easy to removed ball pen ink as although it could not be erased entirely and it will stick to your skin if the weather is hot and you sweat a bit. What I did was to cover the seat with cloths. I gave the sofa set to a good friend.

Two days ago I went to a pet shop in Putatan to look for a cage to prepare for my cat to deliver as I suspected her pregnancy. I asked a veterinarian doctor and told me that a cat can deliver after a short two months pregnancy. My cat 'Monalisa' must be separated with the two male cats as not to distract her and to avoid the kitten to be killed by the other cats as what happen to my sister cat before.

After buying the cage and few other items, I stopped by the furniture shop (Matahari furniture shop) in Putatan also. The furniture shop was there a very long time and it was small made of wood but now it is elegant, big with beautiful furniture's and the building made of concrete.

Butizaon   :   Do you have a set of simple but elegant wood sofa which could have less space to occupy?

Saleman   :   We do have few types. Please follow me outside.

Butizaon   :   I really like this one, I think it doesn't occupy much space. How much is this?

Saleman   :   The price is RM1299.00.

Butizaon   :   How much after discount?

Salesman   :   It is our special offer and the price is the lowest. It goes with the cushion and cover.

I bought my sofa as it will not crammed my small space and I got a good package as other furniture shop sell their sofa of the same type differently with the cushion and covers. It was indeed a good experienced for me in hunting a simple sofa and if given a task will surely do it again, no problem.

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