Sunday, September 22, 2013


Driving a tour bus isn't exactly a luxurious job but it's very appealing to some - especially as a seasonal job that pays reasonably well, offers the opportunity to travel, and to meet people.

As a tour bus driver you will be on the road constantly, so you will have to be comfortable with not being in one place for long, and not being in an office environment. The bus will be your office, which is why you will also be required to look after the inside of the bus as you drive. You will need to make sure that the bus is clean for your passengers. These can be emotionally draining for you, as the tour bus driver too, as you will need to be on constant alert, not only watching the road, but on what is happening around you inside as well. It is said that a bus driver needs to be able to hear a faint whisper as he or she drives, and that takes concentration.

Through all my vacation and my experienced observing the tour bus drivers, they are the forgotten people as all our attention would be focused to to tour guide only. We are all constantly listening to the tour guide only but the most important person that is the driver is not acknowledge of his role. Nobody would remind us that our safety are on the driver's driving and skills to maneuver any obstacles along the road as we travels.

It was my trip to Israel (Jerusalem) that I met a very good Palestinian tour bus driver. I never seen him looking tired after a long distant place we visited and he was on his chatty mode after that. He was a very professional on his job with tuck in long sleeve white shirt with necktie and clean shaven face. He took his meal in the same restaurant with us but on a different table with the guide. We enjoyed his company and he tried to do a little bit of business with our groups and as he is a Muslim we bought some Tasbih with him for our Muslim relatives.

Apart from the pictures of him, I remember him with his strong smelled perfume which is very popular around those places. I bought that kind of perfume in Dubai on our way to Jordan and I tell you I like it but spray it on the minimum.

All other tour driver I had encountered were either muted or just shake or bow their head when spoken to. I will greet them good morning and asking them if they had their meal.

It would be nice if at the end of the vacation we give the driver a pat on the back and thanking him for the excellent driving job he had done. It would be great also that we give them some tip 'Ang Pau' although it was his job.

It was only that time that you will see him look at you and smile and bow his head vigorously as his job was really appreciated.

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