Monday, June 01, 2009


Sabah is blessed with a rich variety of traditional food created by its multi-tribe and indegenous groups. Wild plants, tropical fruits and many types of herbs are turn into their traditinal dish.

Many rivers and streams or ponds provide an abundance of freshwater fish for their tantalising and appetising traditional food.

The Kadazandusun developed ways of preserving their fish and various types of tropical fruits for example the ever popular 'Nonsom Bambangan'.

The just concluded traditional food competition held at Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang was proven that traditional food is still popular with the local people.

With a little bit of culinary skill and ability to creat more presentable dish, traditional food could be introduced as a choice at any major restaurant or hotels as an addition to other local or foreign cuisine in the future.

A stalk of a Yam was one of the dish presented during the food competition. It is also good cooked with a good number clams or bivalve mollusks with water just manage to cover the yam stalks and clams.

Some of the organisers and participants of the food competition in a group photo with their traditional food dish.


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