Friday, June 26, 2009


Today being on leave from work gives me some time to write and after completing some errant like paying bills and some banks payment in the morning, I couldn’t stay inside the house because of the heat. I was really hot due to the dry season although last night it was windy and cool.

I carry one of the tables outside the house and set it with drinks and some tit-bits and open my laptop to write about a tip my friend told me about fruit trees not bearing fruit. Earlier on I took pictures of it and the table I set for this posting.

I was telling my friends about my disappointment regarding my Mango tree only bearing only 2 fruits. Actually this was the second time it bears fruit but just a few. He told me to hang shoes on the Mango tree and sure it will bear fruits after that. I was joking with him that instead of Mango fruits coming out, it would be shoes instead. He later relates his story of how it came about hanging shoes on the Mango tree.

When he was working with different unit of our department, he was working at one of the station where his fellow colleagues planted a local orange which never bears fruit after a long time. A security manning the station informed him to hang shoes so that it will bears fruit. It was not long after hanging the shoes that the orange fruit tree bears so many fruits and he was perplexed of the coincident. I was not informed if there were other cases he tried with other fruit trees.

I was not the type of believing this nonsense but what the heck it might prove something out of the blue. It is just like a married couple who tried to conceived but failed and out of frustration will try anything that could eventually succeeded in their quest for a child.

If the hanging of the shoes failed then maybe plan B might succeed. What is the Plan B? Readers of this posting may have some idea and would like to share it with me. However, I will let the readers know if the plan succeeded or otherwise.

Would anyone try this tip?


LOMBIDOT said...

tu rokok tatap ada ah...hhehe...wait until next yearlah uncle..hopefully more mango fruits. mo taruh fertilizer tu!

BUTIZA'ON said...

Sudah baja tapi sama juga ... ada satu pokok dekat almost the whole year ada buah. Frust juga sebab buahnya sangat manis ... maybe tip kawan sia tu tidak menjadi ...