Monday, January 12, 2009


Last Sunday I went to KK Mall with a friend after noticing that the traffic to the Mall was not bad. I usually tried to avoid going there during weekend after experiencing traffic jam and lack of parking spaces when I went there the last time. What made me went there was about the low price offered by Giant Hypermarket to its ventilating fan.

When I inquired with the sale girl about it, she looked at the price tag and removed it and said;

" Offer itu sudah habis kelmarin lagi ..."

We looked at her and said;

" Ooh ... sudah habis!

Since we were there and I was craving for Japanese food, which I never tried before, we tried to look for a Japanese restaurant but instead found Cube Restaurant and Wine Lounge, which I read its reviews from a blogger’s blogspot.

* Chicken Chop

When we were seated by one nice ‘fellow’, I told him that I read about reviews of his restaurant from a blogger and he did asked for which blogger but I guess I did told him whose blog was it. We were given a very good service after that and after each dish, he will ask me to take the pictures first.

* Fish and Green salad

My friend was having a good time and we joke about the service rendered to us. So guys out there, when you dine at this restaurant or any other restaurant, feel free to tell them that you blog and write reviews. Surely you will have a good service and maybe invited to be a member of the restaurant and will have discounted price.

* That's how they prepare their coffee. The top cup act as a sieve to drips coffee to your glass.

Since it was still early for lunch, I opted to order a fish and green salad and my friend ordered chicken chop. I ordered Sweetie Sesame ball with egg yoke (duck egg with custard – yellowish) for dessert and a cup of Vietnamese coffee. We had Liamau Kasturi and Asam Moi as our drink.

* Vietnamese coffee - I am not fond of coffee. I prefer Nescafe.

I won’t indulge of what I thought about the food as I am not expert in it as I am only like to eat. If you want to find out just drop or visit the restaurant and make your own assessment.

*Normal Sesame ball that we can be found in any market that uses dark bean paste. At Cube it uses duck egg yoke mixed with custard.

As a good customer, I was invited to be a member and given a membership card as a token of appreciation from the management. Next time I will be getting discount when I visit it the next time around. Looking forward to the next visit.

* Sweetie Sesame ball with duck salted egg custard.

When driving out from the parking lot later, we found the Japanese restaurant just opposite the Cube restaurant, which was just on the left-hand side of the Mall Hypermarket. That will be visited during the next visit to the Mall …

*The Privileged card which entitled me for a discounted price.

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