Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My next travel brought us to the District of Papar. We followed the old road hoping to see some tropical fruits on sale by the roadside but there was none. We got stuck for sometime due to an accident but decided to jump queue as we apply 4WD and squeezed our way to a small opening of the blocked road. We were followed by the bigger vehicle then to pass through.

We arrived at the station we visited and the first thing I saw was this beautiful trees with its colourful fruits. I approached the security guard asking about the fruit.

" Encik, buah Cherry ka ini dan boleh dimakan kah ini " I asked while plucking the fruits.

" Tidak boleh makan itu tuan ... beracun, buah ini bukan Cherry "

I snapped the fruit tree and post it here just for our information and to remind readers that this fruit is poisonous.

Another plant that caught my attention was this Chilli or Cili padi which was planted by the secutiy guard manning the transmission station. The chilli padi were so many and we help ourself to plucked it for our hot sambal.

On our way back from Papar, we stopped at a small stall selling agricultural product and amazed by the beauty of the plant and fertilizers on sale. Since I don’t have any plant at home and don’t want to start planting anything, I just clicked on my camera while waiting for my friends to buy whatever for their plants at home.

Some of the organic fertilizer on sale. Good for fertilising flower-pot or indoor plants.

Here are some of the pottery at the stall for sale. Usually they use this for making rice wine, storing pickles fruits (Bambangan) or flower vase.

When we reached Kota Kinabalu (Tg. Aru) I saw this big signboard where love is in the air as what was written on the board. A very unique and expensive way to express your love to one another. I think this is the second signboard after another fellow asking his girlfriend to marry him through the signboard also. Is this a new trend here in KK?


PutEra Boi said...

romantik tgok signboard tue
haru tue ada lalu gak are tue dengan member..lepas tu berangan-angan muka sy plak kat signbord tue

BUTIZA'ON said...

Sabar ko Geng. Buat signboard pasal blog ko dulu pastu letak kat hotel juta tu hehehe