Friday, January 09, 2009


When you see the title of this posting, many of you are a member of this social network. It is a global network that emphasizes friendship and discovery of new people, discovering of long lost friends near and far.

Time and time I was invited to join this social network and most of the time I tried to evade from becoming a member. I had registered myself a long time ago with friendster and there was a time that I couldn't’t remember my login and password. That was what made me evade of registering to other social network group again.

Recently, I registered myself with ORKUT after a friend tricked me of joining it as there were some uncompromising pictures posted at his ORKUT page. Anyway there weren’t any pictures in it as what was promised to me.

I also registered myself to facebook late last year and I am a passive member of Myspace and maybe my user and password is already lost in space. In comparison to the entire social network I joined, I thought ORKUT is a much friendly to use as compare to the rest. In ORKUT except for a friend, all friends and family members all signed to facebook, which makes me lonely and alone, and inviting them is not on my agenda at the moment. When accessing Facebook with my home Internet connection I find it slow to boot which makes me frustrated and that is why I hated traffic jams. Using my office Internet connection is out of question as all connection to this type of webpage is blocked. Is it because Facebook server is facing congestion or my internet connection is slow but why is it that I can surf other social network webpage without much problem.

Whatever our choice of social network depended totally on our choice and most probably very popular amongst the Internet surfer. As long as we can get connected to our friends and family that should be okay I guess. The choice is in our hands ….

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