Thursday, June 19, 2008

EATING OUT with simple, healthy and reasonable prices.

Food like this which was suppose to be eaten in the kampung, now can be found in restaurant in KK city. A plate of food which consists of kampung hill paddy rice, Sardine fish (Ikan Basung masak Ampap/Pinaasakan) and the ever popular Hinava and of course the ever hot chilli paste. The price is reasonable at RM5.00 per plate. A bit dissapointed with the hinava though, only about a spoonful of it. They should have mix it with bitter goud for a crouncy bite and colourful presentation. The Bosungan ampap/pinasaakan was alright and i really like the hill padi rice, soft and with the right amount. Other dishes like Nonsom Bambangan, Mangga with ikan bilis, nonsom sada etc are available. Visit triple 6 and look for Etnic food corner to sample restaurant version of kampung food .... good luck.

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