Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jogging - For a reason

I was promising myself week after week that i will resume my jogging activities again that weekend but never really come to it. Yesterday morning i did manage to wake up as early as 5.00 am and manage to watch Croatia beaten by Turkey on penalty shootout in the European cup. It was not really a bright Saturday morning (0630hrs) as if it was going to rain as the night before it was windy and raining. It was really refreshing when i reached Bukit Padang and there were many joggers doing their exercise and what have you.

The jogging track was 2.11 Km long and what i like about the track was that there was no short cut after passing the bridge. You don't have a choice, complete the track or you crawl back.

I managed to complete 2 rounds and made a detour to a more challenging track, steep-ladder like track. Those who are into extreme sport and fit are encourage to try this track. I didn't attempt to scale the path due to the track wet and a bit muddy after the downpour that night.

Before completing my 2nd round jogging around the track i managed to joined a Chinese aerobic version. It happened that they were into the middle of the aerobic routine .... apalagi saya pun join jugalah sebab saya pernah buat exercise tersebut .... ei ... sam ..... ser ... woo ... liao ... penat juga .... memang penat non-stop for about 20 minutes or so. Exercise ini baik sebab semua badan bergerak. Agak-agak aerobic exercise ini dimulakan pada jam 07.30 pagi, so if you happen to be there wait (or pura-pura buat exercise di tempat tersebut kalau segan - 1st timer konon ) at the empty space around the water world.

Someone in Pune .....

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