Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kita Makan Dulu - Yummy

Me and two friends were more adventurous this week, maybe due to 'bulan muda'. We went to Ocean restaurant to eat my favorite dish .... as always 'fish' cooked with soya paste, ketchup, ginger. Actually forget what the dish called, maybe masak kicap. Next time, will memorise what's in the menu.

The other dish we order was the fish soup. The soup was for 2 person and the 'ikan masak kicap' for 3 persons. The two dishes costs us around Rm50.

Aftermath .... it must be really delicious as can be seen with the picture below. Those of you who want to try this dish can go to Bundusan plaza .... ocean king.

Tak licin pun ..... erm kena sopan sikitlah ... hehe

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