Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Reason Why People Get Drunk

After a colleague sent me pictures of drunken people, I tried to find out why people get drunk. I am not talking about people having drinking problem. I'm talking about why do people decide to get drunk for fun? Don't call me a prude (sopan .. hehehe) cos I do drink sometimes but mostly on controlled volume and choosy on the type of alcoholic drink ( Minuman Datin ! …as Arthur usually say ). I really hate vomiting when getting drunk and really don’t enjoy it very much.

In social settings, alcohol makes the person feel more relaxed. It gives the feeling of a stimulant (puts people in this europhoric state) when it really is in fact a depressant. For a lot of people, having a drink or two at a party can really make conversing easier. It makes them more relaxed and less tense. But it is also during these 'ARAMAI TII events' where ‘orang kita’ are most proned to getting drunk. Just a few quick examples:
-the person has already had a few too many drinks. they lose count of how many ( Sepuluh 4 and now sepuluh 3 … naik harga minyak bah ) they have consumed. They keep drinking.

A new study shows that it's bad for people under 50 (55, maybe?) years old to drink. For those above that age, it's good for heart reasons, but depends on the gender. But, there's no real reason why anyone under that age to be drinking for their benefit. It actually makes things worse under that age. There are tons more reasons why not to drink than there are why to drink.

Nothing wrong with getting drunk, dancing, losing your inhibitions and having a great fun time! It is thrilling and a way to escape your world of worries and problems just for a night. Just don’t take it too far i.e. do start fights etc. Also don’t let alcohol become a bad habit that you can't step away from.....then it’s wrong.

Kiihoi …. Drink segelas ….


LOMBIDOT said...

It is in our blood to get wasted bah. This particular post should be read by my cousins lah..haha. Getting drunk to enjoy is not a problem. However, if you can't control your alcohol intake and lead you to a wrong direction, you should step away and get help.

BUTIZA'ON said...

Your cousins seems to be in that direction as observed during Phillis's wedding - all in good and controlled manner