Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sigah oh Sigah - Penampang Jalan Pintas roundabout

The Sigah issue has been in the Daily Express forum for many weeks already regarding its pros and cons. The most popular comments must be the orientation of the headgear, whether the Sigah should face Kota Kinabalu or vice-versa. The present orientation of the headgear is facing east, the rising sun of which one view said is only applicable to the Kadazans when they die and their feet or face must be facing the east when they are buried. I don't know about that!.

It was said the orientation of facing the east must be the feng-shui, it must face the rising sun or Mount Kinabalu. Whatever it is, as the Sigah is already constructed, i just want to see how the finished Sigah looks like when fully completed. As of Sunday 29 June 2008, there was no workers doing any work at the site. Let's see how the end product look like. I Will the post the painted Sigah later ..... maybe a long wait? .....

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