Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Merry Go Round - Part 1

During my long leave prior to my retirement, I just stay at home to unwind and to enjoy being free without any worry whatsoever. When the hand phone rang it didn't make me nervous as what it did to me before and  I had a reason if the calls came from my former workplace. Presently I am always on the move whether going for the therapy, dealing with all the bills which need payment or going for a walk.

I am on a 'relaxing mode' as what I had planned of preparing my monthly/daily expenditure is on hold. Anyway, I will not dwell much on it for now as I want to share my visit to few places recently.

A surprise Visit
A friend promised me that he will introduced a vehicle dealer when I decided to looked or booked for a vehicle. I called him and make a visit to the dealer showroom and also made arrangement to make a surprised visit to a friend who has opened a Herbal life center in Tamparuli.

After all documents sealed and sign with the car dealer, we proceed to Tamparuli to visit a friend. There was a Tamu as it was Wednesday but the number of people was not many as it was past noon when we reached the town. When I saw the bridge, I remember the evergreen song called Jambatan Tamparuli where a lady was crossing the hanging bridge wearing high heel shoe but her high heel shoe fell from the bridge.

We managed to locate our friend's stall but he was not there. He was on his way to Papar for a very urgent matter so we decided to go to Tuaran for our lunch and later to a fruit orchard/nursery as my friend want to buy few fruit trees.

Paying for a lunch in Tuaran surprised us as we ordered 3 types of dishes and it costs us less than RM20.00 and if compared to Penampang or Kota Kinabalu it's like cutting your throat. Tuaran is still cheaper to eat.

Tiger Prawns
As we were having lunch we saw some people looking something inside a bucket outside a retail shop just opposite the restaurant. As we had finished our lunch we decided what were the fuss and crossed the road and looked at what they were all looking at. Three young men were selling tiger prawns illegally at the parking lot just outside the retail shop. I hope they were not caught by the local authority as it was not in the market.

Fruit trees Nursery
Lastly we went to the Rubber Fund Board Nursery as my friend wanted to buy few fruit trees. I never thought that Rubber Fund Board only prepare nursery for Rubber trees but also many types of fruit trees to be sold to the public. It was not far from the Tuaran Agriculture Department and sharing the same road to their office.

Upside House
On our way to Tamparuli we were also looking for the upside house but unlucky for us we didn't see it but I decided to look for it maybe my next trip. I will post my visit to it for the next posting.


Anonymous said...

Never thought blogging could be soo fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.

BUTIZA'ON said...

Thank you bro .. please come again!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy zou mambasa diau. Mai noh ... Kotohuadan. God bless!

BUTIZA'ON said...

Thanks for enjoying reading my blog but would like to 'correct' your Kadazan which should be ... Anangan zou mambasa sinuatan nu ... What you had written was .. I like to read you .. Thanks and do visit again.