Sunday, November 02, 2008


Many of you must be wondering what type of soup that I am posting here. Artocarpus Odoratissimus is a scientific name for our local fruit called TARAP. I was at the Tamu market today when I saw young Tarap with its outer skin removed and need just to cut it in pieces to make simple local soup.

Many of you out there must not have had tasted this type of soup as it only popular with the Kadazandusun. It is a very simple recipe to prepare. This soup is even more appetizing if using kampung chicken. Since I don’t have kampong chicken, I used mince pork (ready made) in small ball like and drop it in the broth when it was boiling and let it simmer and cooked a while.

Tarap is a seasonal fruit and when ripe it has a very strong scent and sweet. There’s the pulpy seeds as big as the fish ball and white in color and very soft. It makes a good Tarap fritters and fried with its seed. Why bother to remove the seeds when it is done as it can be eaten just like nuts. As the Tarap is a seasonal fruit, it can only be eaten during this time of the year. So guys, visit the Tamu or market to taste this amazing fruit.

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