Monday, November 10, 2008


I attended sunset mass last Saturday and the rector talk about teenagers and their dressing nowadays. He reminded them about proper attire when attending mass at the place of worship. Sign board about the proper attire was at the strategic places around the place of worship and teenagers should wear properly when at the place of worship.

It was humorous when the priest called teenagers dressing as having windows in their dress. The congregation was in stitches when mothers were also seen having windows on their dresses. Parents should teach or advice their teenage children to use proper attire to attend a mass. It was unbecoming of parents to dress up as if going to the beach and this will be imitated by their young teens to dress up like them. The rector advice them that their action of wearing dresses with windows will disturb other congregation’s concentration during prayer. We must all together follow the dress code all the time in any places of worship.

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