Monday, November 24, 2008


Leaves of the rubber tree can be eaten as claimed by an avid listener who called in to a very popular radio station this morning. She told the DJ that the leaves can be cook with preserved dried meat (Kinoring) and also can be prickled with rice water and after a couple of weeks, can be mix with Bosou (fermented meat or fish). Only the young leaves of the rubber tree are use to prepare for this dish.

The caller from membakut, Sabah who herself open a food stall in her district claimed that even the seeds of the rubber tree can be eaten. There were many listeners who listened to the radio show last week who went to look for her food stall asking for the rubber seed dish.

It was indeed a surprise to me that even the leaves of a rubber tree can be consumed and I would like to try how it really tastes like. Since the price of rubber latex has taken to a low price due to global recession, it might be recommended that we sell the leaves as a vegetable to offset the price of rubber latex.

If you want to try the dish make sure that it was prepared by those who have tried and eaten it before otherwise just forget it.

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