Thursday, November 13, 2008


Fish cake has been a long time favourite dish that I used to have for my lunch as a side dish but never manage to post it. It just comes up when one afternoon lunch hour, we ordered the fish cake as a starter and ate it all before the main dish arrived. As we were eating our food, we were told that somebody at the other table (a towkay – a friend’s friend) was paying for the food. To take advantage of the good gesture of the towkay, we ordered another fish cake but unfortunately the dish was already sold out.

The restaurant owner (we are used to her and always make jokes) will tell us that a fish cake is available every time we came to her restaurant. She knew about us taking advantage of the good gesture by the towkay and she teased us by telling us that she will keep extra fish cake in case a Good Samaritan will treat us again another time.

The good thing about speaking and joking with the restaurant owner (better if wife of the owner) is that you have that much better service from them and you tend to enjoy your food. The owner sometimes come to your table and chit-chat and will tell you how difficult when some of the workers absented themselves from work without due notice. There was a time the restaurant was closed and when we inquired from the owner, it was about workers absenting themselves from work.

The fish cake is delicious when dipped in a gravy with a dash of chili paste and eaten with pickles of carrot and cucumber.

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