Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Email or electronic mail has made the greatest impacts on the workplace. It has changed the scenario where any work to be done or directive from your boss is send to you by emails. While some see this as a very important tool especially from the management, others welcome this as a means to chat and forward jokes, video clips and what have you to co-workers.

I received quite a number of emails from co-workers not as directive for any work but which I put in my created personal folder as “MACAM-MACAM”. All forwarded email that I received from co-workers is kept in this folder. Most of the emails contain humorous messages, words of wisdom and quite a number of it if not majority are the 18X (video clips or pictures).

I welcome these emails as part of relaxation of minds whenever there is some stressful work to be done and need some hard thinking then this is the right tonic. When you read all these messages, watched forwarded video clips, we may feel refresh and can think wisely after a good laugh.

I do not share my office email with family members or friends as I use free public emails like yahoo or hotmail. Do not be surprise when your friends having multiple public email as long as it is free.

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