Tuesday, November 04, 2008


When I came home from work today, I enter from the kitchen door as it was not locked and my mother was at the kitchen. I was met with a very strong Bambangan aroma which was so aromatic. I asked my mother who gave her the Bambangan which was inside a plastic. She answered me that there was no Bambangan without telling me what was inside the plastic. I opened the plastic bag and there was this big Cempadak (Jumpulut in Chinese). How wrong was I thinking that it was a Bambangan aroma? Mother told me that my brother gave us the Cempadak.

As I said at my last posting, the seasonal tropical local fruits are now at its season and this posting will not be the last on the tropical fruits. The Cempadak have a pulpy, thick pulp which sorround its seed and really sweet taste. The pulpy seeds were as big as buah Salak and not really packed. That was why the pulpy seed were bigger.

My mother told me that she just want to taste one pulpy seed only. My mother is not the type that really likes to eat fruits. I wonder where I get the genes as I am fond of fruits.

I opened the Cempadak and the texture of the pulpy seeds was amazing. I ate a few of the pulpy mesocarps and decided to make Cempadak fritters. I read in the internet how Cepadak fritters that can be cooked by using rice flour. I went to Pakistani (localized) stalls to buy the rice flour.

It was about an hour later that all the Cempadak fritters were cooked and I gave my mother few pieces to try. She did ate it and take another few pieces again. I was really happy that she likes the Cempadak fritters. Next time I will experimented by using sticky rice flour to deep fried the fritters.

Apart from making Cempadak fritters, the Cempadak just like the Tarap when young is good for making simple Cempadak soup. The preparation is the same as making young Tarap kampung style soup.

Ever tried eating dried Cempadak pulp? It was years ago when I was introduced to this dried Cempadak by a friend. The seed was taken out of the Cempadak seed and the pulp was spread flat and dried on the sun for few days until dried. I was again given by the same friend the dried Cempadak and I still enjoy eating eat. I recommend guys out there to try this dried Cempadak.

As I was typing this post, I ate few pieces already as it’s so yummy and not to worry as I use cooking oil with Omega 3. Healthy ….. what!!

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