Sunday, November 23, 2008


Restaurant assistant : Boss mau makan apa?

Me : Bubur kosong dan Baikut.

Restaurant assistant : Minum?

Me : Bagi saya lemon tea ping.

The restaurant assistant shouted towards the kitchen ;

" Bubur kosong satu, baikut kosong satu dan lemon tea ping"

I wonder what he meant by Baikut kosong as in bubur kosong, meaning no meat just simply plain porridge. Maybe I did not asked for the noodles that was why they called it Baikut kosong.

I visited one of my favourite restaurant this sunday morning for breakfast and ordered my favourite breakfast dish after trying cutting down on calories. It's a great change after having fish soup noodles most of the time. The meat was tasty and delicious and usually I try to pour the Baikut gravy to the porridge followed by a spoonful of not so hot chilli paste.

In the afternoon we went to a place called Kasih Sayang Spa and Resort but unfortunately after travelling some distant, drove back due to unforseen circumtances. I was dissapointed but maybe next time I will try to visit that place. I should have post great pictures of the place if I did manage to reach it. I shall write more about it on my next posting.
Enjoy my sunday's morning breakfast.

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