Sunday, November 16, 2008


Have you noticed used clothing and household items hanging in rows and lying in bundles at any Bazaar or Tamu’s in your district? Maybe some of us are now using the branded pants or shirt that we bought from the bazaar. Never mind the secondhand tagging because it is cheap in price, it is a leading branded item and they are in good condition.

I am bluffing if I say I haven’t bought any clothes at that bazaar. When I started working and my work required me to work on shift, I usually wear jeans during my night shift for convenience sake. There was a time that I visited this bazaars looking at all the branded jeans which at that time cheaper as compared to the price now. I bought three branded jeans from the bazaars and I still keep it and still in good condition and it is faded too. I only wear it now when doing some cleaning or going to an orchard.

I wasn’t surprise that any well to do family are seen at any of the bazaar as I happened to know one well to do lady telling that she bought her curtains at the bazaar. She says that the materials were still good.

When I bought my used jeans, I poured hot water and washed it thoroughly to get rid of the smell and bleach it with a good detergent. So next time when you see me wearing well jaded jean, it might be the jean I bought from the Tamu.

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