Wednesday, April 08, 2009


After watching the top idols performing and judging from the judge’s comments, I predict Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, Chris Allen and Anoop Desai as the bottom four. If my prediction is correct it means Scott MacIntyre will be eliminated from the American Idol. Another idol that will be in danger of being eliminated is Anoop Desai as his performance is like yo-yo as what Simon Cowe commented and if the voters give him another chance he will be safe for another week.

Chris Allen although his performance was below par, he still can make it to another round as he is very popular with the younger sets of voters especially the girls. It cannot be too safe for Lil Rounds as her performance was just like karaoke as commented by Paula Abdul. If the voters listened to what the judges thought about her performance, of which most of the time the voters listened, most probably will be eliminated tomorrow.

Adam Lambert was given a standing ovation by the judges and judging from his performance and the reaction by the judges, he will be a hard idol to beat for the title. Overall the performances from the idols were much better and it will be another best performance from them to stay in the competition.

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