Saturday, April 25, 2009


I watched the OIAM top three performances last night but was disappointed with the organizer of which the contestants were asked to sing the best song they sang during the previous performance. One song was selected by the judges and the other selected by the viewers through online voting. In my opinion, the judges should have selected a song which they think suited with the contestant vocals as they always commented of wrong song selection by the contestants. Why pick a song that they already heard and suited with the contestants? The same apply to the songs voted by the viewers. The producer should have selected songs and let the viewers voted for it and not the songs that the contestant already sang during their previous performances.

It was announced last night that viewers view are sought whether 2 or 3 finalists for the final by asking the viewers to vote at If the votes are in favour for 3 finalists then the votes for the whole week until the final are counted. I think OIAM producer this year will go for a three finalist to fight it off for the prize money of one million ringgit.

I voted for 3 finalists for the final and based on the votes so far, 37% for two finalists and 63% for three finalists I think it is a three finalist for the grand finals.

I predict Esther to win the OIAM season 3 based on the few things like diehard fan of Tomok to be remained committed and will vote for him. Rocker Aweera fans which are mostly like rock music will surely vote for him too. The teenage girls will be torn between Tomok and Aweera and I think the votes here will be split between this two guys. Esther on the other hand will get most of her royal fans from Sabah and most of the fans all over Malaysia who look for her talent, vocal and her performance.

Will another Sabahan win OIAM season 3 in a row? Let us vote to make her dream come true.

Vote Esther

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