Monday, April 20, 2009


KE NEXT TOP ENTERTAINERS final was successful in the sense that it was their 1st competition and the KDCA hall was nearly full. There was glitches here and there but as it was their maiden competition, that was a good effort on their part to move to the next level of producing a very talented and credential artists.

The selections of songs by the finalist with a little bit of modifying the original songs to suit with trendy and upbeat tempo was credible which proved our singers are on par with the rest of the more established singers. As can be seen at the KE final, more singers from this competition are more eligible to compete in a high level competition in the future.

It was a great choice of guest artists by the organizers as some of the popular local artist was there to support the organizer by rendering their popular songs. Artists such as Jiaja, Raphael Pinus, Da Prinz, Ateng and few others sang their popular songs. Popular DJ Othoe was there for a special appearance.

The winners of the KE NEXT TOP ENTERTAINERS are Carrey Oliver as the winner, Faraday Ongkuling and Afred as the 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively. Congratulation to the winners and bravo to the organizer of the KE Next Top Entertainers and looking ahead for another competition next year.

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