Friday, April 03, 2009


Here are some embarrasing moments that I read after browsing through the internet today just for a good laugh.

I don’t think I will share an embarrassing moment of my own but I was reading on the Internet the other day and this girl was talking about an Embarrassing DATE that she had. So I guess ill share it with you. Well she went on a ski trip with a guy she had met and she had drank a lot of hot chocolate, and on their way off in her dates car she realized that she really had to use the bathroom but since they were in the mountains they were to far away to make it to a bathroom in time so she decided to have her date pull over to the side so that she could use the bathroom. Well anyways to make a long story short the girl ends up sitting to close to the car and before she could notice it her butt had got stuck to the car like a tongue on a frozen metal pole...and the only way to detach her but was for there to be something hot poured over her rear. Lol anyways her date ends up having to pee on her so that she can get freed. Gross I know but hey it worked!

I think I haven't anything too bad that would cause me to run to the nearest hole in the ground, but there is something that comes to mind. During the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school I was at an open gym for basketball. I was unfortunately on my period and was wearing a pad because that was B.T. [before tampons] and I was getting really sweaty from running and playing and such. All of the sudden on the gym floor was my sweaty, bloody pad! It had fallen out of my shorts! Our male JV coach was playing with us and the boys were starting to come because their open gym was right after ours...

My most embarrassing moment happened about 6 years ago. My then boyfriend (now husband) was practicing safe sex, and when we were done he threw the condom in the trashcan. At the time I had a crazy dog, she went dumpster diving after it while we were out of the room. We had no clue she had done this. So the next day we were going out of town, and my mom came and took the dog with her to my grandmother’s house. Well, my dog ended up pooping under the guest bed, and apparently pooped out the used condom. My mom called me and in a very serious tone said, "I am glad to know that you guys are being safe, but please watch how you dispose of your condoms." Oh, and of course my grandmother was the one who found it!!

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