Friday, February 27, 2009


Here are my 3 favourite that I think will move to the next round. I hope they will make it.

Allison Iraheta

When she was interviewed, I thought she would perform terribly due to her skill of speaking her mind out. But once she started singing, she really can sing with her song of ALONE by heart.

Adam Lambert

He sang SATISFACTION by The rolling stone. I like him for his range and performance. In term of personality, I think he is different from the rest of the participants. He will make it through.

Megan Corkrey

I select her due to her performance much better than the others. She sang PUT THE RECORD ON by Corrine.

Dark Horse – Kris Allen
There is a possibility that Kris Allen will make it also to the next round. Not really my favourite but received encouraging comments from 3 of the judges.

Let us see whether my selection is correct. So guys pick your favorites who will make it through the next stage.

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