Wednesday, February 04, 2009


On our way to Beaufort we stop at Sub District of Membakut for drinks as my friend have not taken his breakfast. We depart Kota Kinabalu very early in the morning. I was surprised to see picture of Jesselton town way back in the year 1900 hanging on the wall of the restaurant.

The last time I visited Membakut was a long time ago and was relieved to see rows of new shop. After breakfast we looked for the petrol station to fill up our petrol and there was the old wooden building still with its owner doing business as usual. I read about an article about this building in the newspaper and it would not be known when would it be demolished for other development in the district.

We reached Beaufort town at lunchtime after few stops and we looked for a restaurant, a good one as told by my friend. We ordered KOE ROU or Yam with Pork, fish and vegetable.

The Koe Rou was very delicious to my taste as it had a very mild but tasteful and the gravy was quite thin as compared to the Koe Rou that I usually bought from a stall at Bukit Padang. The Koe Rou at Bukit Padang has a strong flavor and a bit dry although you can pour the take away gravy. To those who do not like strong smell of Koe Rou can visit Beaufort to try this dish. Sorry, I forget the name of the restaurant.

Below Pic Koe Rou of Bukit Padang.

This was a simple sweet and sour fish dish but imagine how three hungry person share this little amount of fish. The plate was really big though.

I will post the last part of my journey and will be looking foward to another trip to other district.


PutEra Boi said...

sedap tue makanan kan..tapi sayangnya sy x pandai tu makanan..ehehe
satu blog mengenai makanan..wah promotion..hhehehehhe

BUTIZA'ON said...

Bukan blog makanan saja tapi apa-apa saja yang saya rasa perlu di share disini ... makanan sedap bah hehe

ading said...

uinah lapar aku. ini yang aku malas ni mau dakat2 tengahari sudah time makan..hehehe taaaaapun.