Monday, February 09, 2009


My last journey was to the district of Sipitang and Sindumin, where we stopped at Sipitang for a short rest and lunch. As usual we had our lunch at the restaurant just a few feet from the shore. Imagine if there’s a huge wave (tsunami) and you are having meals at the restaurant and before you knew what hit you, you will probably swept away by the waves.

It would be nice if something were done to the shore in front of the restaurant like developing it as public promenade or esplanade as what we have in the city of Kota Kinabalu or the Sidek Esplanade Kudat. The people staying around the town would have a pleasant evening having dinner with families with a beautiful sunset and a very soothing breeze from the sea.

We reached Sindumin, the district bordering Lawas Sarawak, and passed through Emigration department security post to reach our destination, which is on Sabah soil, which was unique in the sense that the road leading to it passed through Sarawak soil.

The road leading to our destination which is on the Sarawak side and the side which I took the picture was on the Sabah side. Very unique indeed don't you think?

After completing our work, we departed Sindumin as nothing was available like durian. I remembered last time we visited Sindumin there was so many durian and we went to the village folks to buy their durians. It would be nice visiting this part of Sabah during the fruit season. Looking forward to another visit. End of the journey of ….. my JALAN JALAN.

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