Friday, February 20, 2009


The red tide in the west coast of Sabah has detected the occasional natural phenomenon where micro-organisms in the sea undergo a population explosion that sometimes imparts a brownish-red colour to the sea surface. The Sabah state health Department and Fisheries department had detected the presence of red tide in sample of Bivalve (Kerang) in Kuala Penyu, Papar, Pulau Gaya, Sepanggar including Kuala Menggatal and Tuaran. There is a high possibility that adjoining district will be affected in the future.

For us who likes to eat oysters, Mussels and cockles should refrain from eating it for the time being if you are living at those mentioned places. However, prawns, crabs and fishes are safe for consumption but the gills and guts of the fishes should be discarded and washed properly. In the meantime, let’s forget about eating Penang fried noodles, as cockles are the main ingredients in preparing for this dish.

Let us get updated regarding the red tide situation from the authority before we continue consuming affected shellfish in the future.

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