Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night I watched the 12 finalist of the OIAM performing and I was amazed by the performance of Esther from Sabah who received very favourable comments from the judges. Apart from her amazing performance she will move to the next round without being booted out from the show as she received immunity which was introduce only this year. The judges will select the best performer and that performer will get immunity, meaning she doesn’t need votes from the audience to get into the next round.

The other contestant that did performed well must be Aweera, the young rockers. He was like feeling at home with his rock song. I think all fans of rock music will vote for him as well as ladies because he got looks to die for. I think the young contestants have a very hard time to convince the audience with their performance compared to the established artists who had participated in other reality show before. The only artist who performed below par was Nine.

The probability of who is voted out is between Ayu, Anith, Han or Nine as my prediction.

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