Friday, February 13, 2009


I watched American Idol yesterday and was pissed off by so many intervals. In every 5 minutes broadcast of the program there was a 5 minutes break a.k.a advertisement. It was an hour program but I thought it was only less than thirty minutes only. I missed my early bath and meal.

Adakah American idol production peduli!!

I never made any reviews about entertainment but this time it’s exceptional due to its popularity. This reviews should be best commented by the likes of bloggers like MrManager, Dbos, Kadus, The Kadazan boyz, Noumad and all infotainment blogs. Anyway since I’ve watched it, I will comment on it.

The first one selected to the top 36 was one of my favourite that was Anoop Desai. I like him because he sang very well during the earlier rounds and he’s Asian. He should make it to the last round as a marketing strategy to get the votes from the Asian community. The blind man (forget the name) also make it through. This guy really can sing but not my favourite.

Next was Tatiana who squeals that makes Simon telling her to stop her annoying squeals. Paula gave her ring to match with her bracelet. She makes it also but guesses it must be interesting what she brings to the live show …. Squeal!!

Then came the turn of two huge contestant, a rigger and a welder who was pitted together to fight for one slot. Micheal and Matt tried to outdo each other with their last effort singing a song each. Both were eventually selected to the next round.

Also making it to the next round was Nathaniel Marshall, very girlish but can sing very well too. Simon asked him what was he’s wearing and he answered he is what he is, the real Nathaniel. He lived with so many members of his family because the mother is in prison for some drug problem.

Another contestant making it next round was comedian Norman Gentle. I like this guy, which will make the program more interesting with his antic and hope he makes it to the next round. All contestants selected to the next round were all good singers and it would be a very difficult task awaiting the judges if all perform very well at the next round. So guys pick your choices as I have already few in mind as my favourites.

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