Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I was doing my work SURIAfm Dj Othoe played the song ‘NOMBO NOI KALABAU KU’ (Where is my Buffalo) with blues tempo and I swayed my body in tandem with the music. My colleague who used to tune to this FM frequency stopped tuning to the radio station for about a month. When asked why she stopped listening to the radio station she answered that she got boring the way the DJ was managing the show.

Every morning when she came to the office, she will tune to this private station and we called her without her knowledge ‘Othoe’. Since few days back she continue to listen to this private station.

Every time DJ Othoe on air, he never failed to mention Tuaran noodles or Mee Tuaran and this morning he mentioned about where to find the best Tuaran Noodles. He mentioned about the location of the restaurant as near the Tuaran Public Library but can’t recall the name of the restaurant of which he did mentioned. I ate Mee Tuaran but I haven’t eaten it at Tuaran though. My next visit to Tuaran would be looking for the best Tuaran noodle as mentioned by the DJ Othoe.

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