Saturday, February 28, 2009



All my prediction about who will move to the next stage of American idol was correct. The only drawback was a slight undecided choice between Megan and Kris Allen, where Allen was selected together with Allison and Lambert. Since there will be a slot for wild card, I will not be surprised when she make it through also.

It just feel great when after finding out about your prediction and all of them get it through, it seems you were part of the American people selecting their best entertainers. I think I qualified myself as one of the judges but mind you, I do hear what the judges said about the contestants and make my own assessment.

Let’s see whether I can make a great and prediction for the last group 3 next week. Did your prediction of group 2 correct?


My prediction of Ayu as one of the potential candidates to be booted out was correct but surprisingly 2 from previous reality show contestant nearly didn’t make it as they were at the bottom three. Pija and Amelia were previously from Akademi Fantasia and Mentor reality show.

The voting trend as can be derived from the results, shows that contestants from previous shows does not guaranteed them to proceed further. Recording artists like Tomok and Nine still have a following although Nine should be in the bottom three. Judging from his performance last night, he should be in the bottom 3 next week result.

The holder of immunity last week Esther was not at her best performance last night but she will make it through to the next round as fans of her will surely vote for her after not voting last week. This week Amelia get immunity and she will be safe for now and not be embarrassed to be booted early as she was at the bottom 3 last week.

I will not be making any prediction this week as the voting trend is so unpredictable this time around. A good performance from the contestants does not guarantee them a place to the next round.

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