Saturday, March 14, 2009


Tonight there are two important shows on TV and although not a great fan of AF this year but curious enough to watch it as there was a tremendous publicity about a transformation they will introduce this season. I watched the daily AF few times but up to now seen nothing noticeable about the transformation that attracted my attention so far.

It will be a very explosive game tonight between Manchester United entertaining Liverpool at Old Trafford after Wayne Rooney says he hate Liverpool and Sir Alex Ferguson sprung to the defense of him.

Manchester United can wrap up a third consecutive English Premier League title by beating Liverpool. Victory means a ten points clear of both Liverpool and Chelsea. They still have ten remaining fixtures and if they can consistently remain unbeaten will wrap up the title in their favour.

I will be juggling with my remote control tonight between the EPL and Akademi Fantasia as the show almost starts at the same time. If I decided to watch EPL then have to watch recorded AF.

I am diehard supporter of Manchester United. MU will win you’ll see.

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