Monday, March 23, 2009


He was told to forget his ex girlfriend several times but he was persistent with his illicit affair and was caught in the act with his ex girlfriend at the couple bedroom. After a quarrel, the wife decided to settle her vengeance by trying to slice her husband private part with a sharp blade. He suffered minor injuries after villagers rushed him to hospital where doctors managed to save him from any worse trauma.

The wife must be really devastated by the husband action after admonishing him many times and took action by slicing his manhood. Time will tell whether he will not do it ever again.

In a related case also in India, a very furious wife chop off completely her husband manhood in two pieces after discovering her husband was having sexual relations with other women. It was a well-planned revenge with the wife sedating the food during dinner.

Wife: Darling dear I really want you tonight.

Husband: Erm … after cooking me a very delicious food … what are you after dear.

Wife: Very special tonight dear … I want you tied.

Husband: Rascal lady, you must have been browsing the internet … whatever … tie me lah ..


Husband: Dear, what are you doing with my razor blade?

Wife: I’ve been hurt by your action … hurt you hear … I hate you … you PIG

Husband: No … help help …. Nooooo

He was tied to a bed and thinking he was in for a sexual rendezvous, he compiled to his wife desire to tie him. Once his hands and limbs was tied to the bed she chopped off his manhood badly that doctors were unable to reconnect it. It was said the manhood couldn’t function anymore.

So pity with those guys but what to do already chop off. What can you do with chopped manhood?

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