Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last night a number of people who cares for the global warming made the maiden Earth Hour and joined millions worldwide.

Exactly at 8.30 pm I switched off the lights at home and when I looked outside saw few others switched off their lights also. It shows that not all did not switched off their lights Malaysians are aware of what global warming is all about and showed Malaysians were also very concerned about environment issues.

In Sabah for that matter, there were others who were not sure if the lights were deliberately put out or if it was a blackout, considering Sabah is famous of blackouts. It was made worst when the president of WWF Sabah although supporting fully about the campaign but at the same time reminded everybody about the constant blackout that we faced. Every time I asked my friends about the campaign they quote the press comments from the WWF president.

It was also the same thing when I suggested about the campaign at a blogger’s chat box but luckily the blogger’s owner reminded chatters that it was not an obligation but a choice and everybody chilled down.

Saturday at sunset mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral and met my cousin.

Me: Tonight you participate Earth Hour campaign.

Cousin: Depends if there is someone who switch off their light first.

Me: Just switch off your light and people will follow.

Cousin: See first.

Since it was a maiden Earth Hour in Malaysia some might still undecided about the campaign and worsens by the unfavourable and constant blackout here in Sabah, I am sure next year it will be successful.

Support Earth Hour in making a stand on GLOBAL WARMING.

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Gallivanter said...

Earth Hour needs to continue its cause to create awareness amongst earth's inhabitants.