Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night American Idol performance saw good and not so good performances by the Idols.There were mixed and anonymous decisions by the judges based on the idols performance.

After nearly predicting correctly the idol leaving last week, I still will predict Micheal Sarver as one of the potential to leave Americal Idol tonight result. As one of the bottom three last week and his performance no better than the other contestants, I will be not surprise that he will leave tonight.

Megan Joy will find herself in the bottom three after unfavourable comments from the judges. I think she’s going to have a hard time and as a wild card idol will have to perform well to convince audience to vote for you but she’s against stronger competitors. If she can get new votes from the audience then she will stay.

After last week comments from the jugdes to step out from behind the key, Scott MacIntyre still prefer to performed behind it as he think that he’s more confortable on it. Although his performance just fine as commented by Simon Cowell he’ll stay but a bit of trouble.
Another idol who received not so good comments from the judges was Lil Rounds but I think she will stay.

All the other idols did performed well last night and it would be very suprising if they ended in the bottom three later today for the result.

In the local scene, OIAM will see performances from the contestants tonight. Will Esther will win another immunity to stay another week after her stunning performance last week? Looking forward for a very entertaining weekend and to remind you to switch off your lights for the EARTH HOUR on Saturday night from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM.

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