Thursday, March 12, 2009


A survey was conducted about handphone owners who sent their handphone to a handphone customer service centre. It is quite common to come across nude or semi-nude pictures of the owner or their loved ones. According to a repair service centre that they receive two or three handphones a month, which contain private pictures.

Sometimes the owner forgets to delete their private pictures and it is the repair shop initiative to inform the owner to remove the pictures before they could proceed with the repairing. If there is something wrong with the screen or the handphone cannot be switched on, then nothing can be done to delete the private pictures.

So beware handphone owners to delete your private pictures before sending it to the repair shop to avoid any untoward incidences where such materials could later be used for blackmail or defamation against you.

Just imagine if only 5% of the handphone owner has nude pictures saved in the handphone and what percentage would likely be those who dare not to save it on their handphone?

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