Friday, March 20, 2009


After watching the picture my friend emailed me, memories flash back regarding the semi-nude of the ladies where there was this ‘Aunty’ who preferred to bare her breast. You will see her without a shirt most of the time just as in the pictures. She’s popularly known as ‘Bo Derrick’ by the youth in my place just for fun.

In some remote village it is normal to see poultry roaming around the village, as they are only locked during nighttime. The meat of poultry reared in the village are much better compared to the meat reared for commercial.

As can be seen on the picture, they looked so innocent as it was normal for them to have their picture taken. Time goes by and what we see in the pictures was purely not for sex but to reflex how things were during the time of black and white.

Let us enjoy the pictures.

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