Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If you are traveling to and fro to Penampang everyday you must have noticed the signboard with ‘TULIS KERETA’ placed on the road divider near the traffic light at Kobusak junction and the other one at Towering area. If translated to English it is like ‘WRITE VEHICLE’. I was wondering what the advertiser meant about it but I guess you will know if you try and call the number given.

I think the advertiser is a smart person, as he knows that people will be asking what it meant and apart from free advertisement, bloggers will also help it out to post in their blogs. So guys if you want to know the meaning of it, just call the advertiser.

Here’s another example of a very confusing signboard and looking at the picture will give a negative meaning but not at all of what we thought.

Sign at Japanese Metro trains and the seat are for special people;

1. Person with injured arm

2. Person holding a child

3. Pregnant woman

4. Person with injured leg

Another funny signboard;

Enjoy ...

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