Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Good news to all singers and entertainers who are invited to perform in government events and functions particularly the Sabah Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. The payment for local artist would be increased with each performer to be paid a minimum of RM2000 for performing at any of the events organized by the department.

Sabah produced a good number of talented entertainers and singers through singing competition and some of them are even better than many well known and even highly paid artist from peninsular or even overseas. It would not be surprising to see parents encouraging their children to learn music whether for self-entertainment or for their future career. With the increased payment by the ministry of Tourism Sabah, local artists should take the opportunity as a challenge to further improve their skills and performances.

The ministry can only assist that much and it is up to the artists to prove themselves and take the local music scene to the highest level as proven by few singers like Stacy, Ayu, Adam and few others who have elevated themselves through a popular TV competition.

I thought that I would be writing about the American idol reviews just once but once I started and the hits to my blog was overwhelming, followed by reviews on OIAM and the latest the Akademi Fantasia. The AF is still the main attraction to Malaysian viewers as when I posted my reviews, the number of hits triple as compared before. So bear with me, as I will be still posting reviews on OIAM, American Idol and AF until the shows ended.

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