Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After watching the 13 finalist of the American Idol performing, I decided to pick three finalists who in my opinion will be eliminated. Two finalists will be eliminated after the votes tally counted tomorrow and will leave American Idol.

My pick who will be eliminated are Anoop, Jasmine or Megan. I based my prediction due to their performance especially Anoop. All three also failed from getting votes from the audience but manage to get to the final rounds due to the selection from the judges. I was a great fan of Anoop during the audition round and predicted him to win the wild card after he failed to get votes. As for Jasmine, I think she needs more exposure as she is still young and as time goes by she will be a good performer.

The best performance was by Adam Lambert as he sang very well with his high tone and he sang Micheal Jackson song perfectly. He will be my early favourite to win American idol if he consistently perform very well in every show.

Let us wait and see whether my prediction this time is correct. Pick your finalist who will leave American Idol this very early round.

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