Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last night I watch Akademi fantasia Daily report after commenting the last concert where AF masuk was introduce again with my negative comments after the drama before the announcement by the principal. I correctly predicted which student would fill the slot for the final of the Akedemi Fantasia.

All the students were happy with the arrival of their friend who was voted in by his supporters and it seems that Aril was really happy with it also. As of previous AF reality shows, which introduced the Afmasuk the reaction by supporters of all the voted out student then was tremendous with supporters engaging a war between them on the chat box, forum and any media available. That was how popular the show then but there was a negative reaction after the Afmasuk was introduced at this year edition. It was expected and was culminated by the well-presented drama before the announcement of the Afmasuk.

Last night the finalist was given songs for their final concert at the end of the week. Each finalist was given two songs, one popular song that suits with their vocal and another a new song composed specially for them. Looking at the student reactions, they really like the songs except from the voted in student who was unhappy with the song choice.

Aril: Perempuan yang nyanyi, lagu perempuan kah?

Principal: Kita tidak tahu siapa yang di AFmasuk … Lelaki atau pompuan.

He met the principal about the song choice that was given to him and reasoning it as not a killer song. The song will fade away in a short time. What he wanted was a song that people will remember him for a long time.

Shouldn’t it be better for him to just sing the song and maybe do some minor adjustment to suit his vocal range rather than unhappy about it. He shouldn’t be too selective about the song but rather put his mind on the final itself, as what is important is the performance. It doesn’t necessarily to win the title as what is important about the perception of the viewers about the student. There were few reality show student who didn’t win the title but yet they make it to the entertainment successfully.

Let’s see what are the transformations this student will apply after completing the three months to the entertainment industry as a whole.

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