Friday, May 01, 2009


Today being a holiday as it is the Labour Day holiday start with heavy rain for about less than an hour early in the morning. It was a relieved indeed after the hot and humid condition for sometime. It was reported in the newspaper today that the state is experiencing a dry spell, having received very little rain and reported the state is not undergoing drought as many perceived it to be.

Contradicting report between the national Meteorological Department and the Sabah state Meteorological Department about the weather condition whereby the state department forecasts the state will receive normal rainfall again from May to October. The National forecast was from mid May to September, it will be the Southwest monsoon period with the weather forecast to be sunny. Whatever the situation is, it’s just purely ‘ramalan cuaca’ right?

I started my day with going to town for breakfast and newspapers as my day will not be full without reading the latest news. When I came back later the rain started heavily and my mum and nephew were still sleeping. Just as I was starting to get on with the laundry my mum woke up and asked me to buy sugar but told her that I just arrived from town. I really hate washing my clothes although using washing machine.

As I was sorting with the laundry, ideas keep flooding my mind of what I should blog for today. I took my camera and started taking pictures of the rain as when I post something; I like to attach some pictures to create something for the readers to look at when reading my story.

Last night my brother invited me to attend his group of Line Dancers who organized his birthday. I really like to dance but not trained to dance Line dancing except for the “Poco-poco” dance which I knew perfectly. I was amazed by the enthusiasm and energetic condition of the dances that are mostly middle age to pensioners as they dance to the music. I manage to talk to one of the line dancer and he told me that they trained almost everyday at Bukit Padang jogging track.

Me : Not dancing anymore?

Pius : Tired already can’t keep pace with the young Dancers

Me : I’m Butizaon … brother of the birthday boy.

Pius : Pie us … Kadazan call Pius .. I don’t mind.

Me : I like dancing but gonna learn line dancing though.

Pius : Dance good for health. Get rid of your Belly!

Me : Is that obvious?

There was a good exchange of knowledge from the guy but I don’t want to humiliate myself by writing it here with my physical condition. We are trying to form a group within the family to organize a line dancing lesson with an instructor to help out. Hope it will materialize within this month or next month.

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