Monday, May 25, 2009


Here are the pictures of the traditional food, which I promise to post and to those of you who never tried this recipe should try it. It is very simple to prepare and the raw items can be bought at the Sunday market or Tamu. I myself have not tried some of the dishes prepared and looking forward to try preparing it soon.


Below is the preserved fresh water fish but I never tried this recipe, which was fried. I don’t know how they prepared it but would be curious how they fried the preserved fish.

Below is the young Manggo skinned and cut into pieces and mix with a good quantity of salt and Sugar. A very simple to prepare and eaten as appetiser.

I have eaten Banana heart fried with dried shrimp with cilli but preparing it with lime, a pinch of salt, cilli and fried anchovies looks exciting. I noticed the banana heart was cut into small pieces and looked very tasty. This dish is sure to be tried by everyone.

Here are the recipe of some of the recipe for the benefit of my readers to try this very simple recipe.

This is only the 1st part of the traditional food competition pictures. There are 55 pictures and I will try to post all the pictures here. Enjoy and good luck when you tried the recipe.

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