Friday, May 29, 2009


Today’s posting is about the food prepared by a very sporting lady who only let me took all her food pictures but also posed for the camera. I hope she will read this posting. She had prepared her traditional food and placed it inside the shell of a big clam which was beautifully decorated.

She had prepared a type of dish called Tuhau, a pungent type of pickle but once you are used to the taste and smell, you sure to want to eat more of it.

She had also prepared the ever popular Hinava, a dish made from raw fish mixed with a couple of lime juice, salt to taste, shallots, onions and a type of tropical fruit called Bambangan seed (grated). Some people will put chili and bitter gourd for some crunchy texture. Actually it depends on your creativity how you like you Hinava taste as long as you follow the basic ingredients.

A type of preserved fish called Noosom was among her list of traditional dish. The preparation of the dish is quite easy to prepare. Usually fresh water fish were used mix with salt, rice and a type of seed called Panggi and put inside a jar which is tightly sealed and kept for two weeks before consuming it.

I didn’t wait for the results what position the lady won but surely the food she prepared were already a winner as hers were very unique.

One way to preserve our traditional food is through us by promoting it through whatever media which will be read by all especially the younger set of young people. I will be posting all the pictures I took so stay tuned.

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