Friday, May 22, 2009


Tagal is a KadazanDusun word means prohibition of catching fish in certain rivers for one year or more. It has been the custom of the KadazanDusun for a long time but recently has been highlighted for the benefits of other villagers to revive it at their village. The ban is lifted one day in a year and that selected day will see throngs of villagers coming to the river to catch the fish.

The Tagal system not only will multiply the number of its habitat especially fish but it will also improve the quality of the river. As the quality of the river improves tremendously, many activities can be organized by the villagers, which will generate revenues in the form of eco-tourism.

The committee of the ‘Tagal’ imposes a set of rules and whoever breached the rules is liable to punished in the form of either a buffalo or Pig.
During the opening of the Tagal, everybody is allowed to fish using traditional methods like using the net, traps or any traditional methods. The catch would be divided among the villagers and some are cooked traditionally along the river for a grand feast. Its carnival atmosphere in the village as there is fishing and dining on the catch together among the villagers.

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