Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It will be the first Harvest festival in the history of the festival that a bodybuilding competition is being held in conjunction with the festival this coming finale of the month long celebration.

It was reported the Sabah Amateur Bodybuilding Association would be organizing the contest at the Hongkod Koisaan KDCA in Penampang on May 31st. It will be held at the open stage on the KDCA compound and is open to all members of the association. Registration will be at 9.00 am on the competition date.

My honest opinion would be no to the competition as it will stray away from what the ‘Kaamatan festival’ is all about. The festival is suppose to thank God and the spirits for a good harvest and pray for blessings for an even better harvest the following year. Whatever it is and since the government is organizing it, they may have thought about it in a different perspective for the benefit of the visiting tourist and the like.

Well it would be very interesting to see if all the ladies fill-up the space around the stage for the bodybuilding contest as all those time in any Unduk Ngadau contest the ladies were the majority occupying the hall. No pun intended ladies … LOL. Let the ladies experience the heat when those hulks start to pose.

It will be the men turn to fill-up the hall to cheer up those beautiful ladies doing their catwalk. I bet if the entire hall is filled with the men, I must say the performance of the Unduk Ngadau would be much better.

Looking forward for the fight. I bet the ladies still prefer UNDUK NGADAU ….

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Nessa said...

Ya, I prefer the Unduk Ngadau contest. Bodybuilding?? Ermmm... bikin gali tapi kalau muka dia ensem ok juga la! LOL