Sunday, May 31, 2009


As I was sorting out the pictures and zooming in and out, I noticed each individual in the pictures have something they were thinking when I took the pictures. Some of the pictures were taken in groups but my camera have the ability to zoom to any particular objects of the taken pictures and can be saved as a new pictures after editing it.

Most of the people are the older generation and was it that they were thinking about the festival in the future after they are no longer around? Are they worried that their time of celebrating the festival are no longer relevant to the fast changing time, the custom and tradition will erode faster without them around to check it? The older generation are very proud to be part of celebrating the festival and they wear their best traditional attire of their ancestral forefather.

Their face shows how hard it was then to toil your land for the cultivation of paddy using the traditional methods. You spend your time from dawn to dust with your two hands at your paddy field to make sure your family have something to eat at the end of the day.

The keeper of the gongs who happen to be a woman is very sad indeed because no young ladies are interested of the beating the gong anymore. During her time, any young girls knows how to beat the gongs.

She happen to be the only woman of her tribe who can play a set of musical intrument which resembled the 'Kulintangan'. Can she keep this traditional instrument and pass it to the younger generation for the years to come during this time of festival?

This is one of the unique headgear worm by the Rungus of Kudat which we seldom see worn by them. Some years ago I have seen them wearng it when they come to Kota Kinabalu minus the decorative items but just plain turban. Is he thinking that this headgear will be forgotten by the young Rungus youth?

Mr Rung : How do you feel wearing our traditional attire?
Mr Ugus : I feel proud to be wearing my traditional attire although it does not belong to me.
Mr Rung : When you get your money from your small business on tourism ... homestay .. you
buy the attire okay.
Mr Ugus : I will do that ... tell me where to get the cheap but high quality okay?

These young teenagers will keep the traditional customs of their ancestors and they have proven it by participating in numerous activities line-up at the festival venue. After witnessing rarely seen rituals and enjoying traditional sports and games as well as rendition of songs during the singing competition this youth will shouldered and make sure the traditional customs be celebrated in the future.

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