Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Initially I was undecided to post this when I saw the pictures sent to me but decided to post it. I must warn readers to this blog who never saw slaughtered animal or person who are used of buying their food in a packet form, to quit reading this posting.

When I was much younger I help family members to slaughtered animals for the family own meat for any occasion whether celebrating festival or religious obligations. Our parents used to slaughter their own domestic poultry instead of selling it to the slaughterhouse. They will informed all family members and neighbours that they plan to sell the meat of their animal and ask them how much they want of the meat. Once you agreed with it you cannot complain anymore whether the meat have a thick fat or not but usually they include a slice of animal organ for free just to make you happy.

Last Sunday, my nephew called me for the same purpose and I went there to look at the meat and bought some.

Me: Noikot Kinapa gia hunok do Vogok diti.

Touki Babi: Ohombon boh Vogok mantad Nosoob iti.

Me: Aiso pihion diti, timbanggo dogo tia tuhang.

Touki Babi: RM15.00 noh.

Me: Ngam noh iti posuupan ku.

The advantages of slaughtering your own animal was that you can share the meat with your family members with cheaper price and apart from that you can also prepare a meat porridge that can be shared with all the friends who help out. The owner will also set aside a portion of the meat for barbequing for the ‘ARAIMAI TII ‘ (Merry making).

As for my nephew and friends they minced the pork and plugged (sumbat) it inside the bitter gourd, Eggplant and Bean curd. I saw them preparing it with their own recipe and really looked tasty but I didn’t wait for it to get cooked. Too bad I didn’t get the picture or otherwise I should have posted it here.

Coming up next with my posting will be my visit to the Traditional Heritage at Museum Sabah. Stay Tuned …. Nice pictures.

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